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Mom Life Exposed is a micro-influencer dedicated to helping moms find great products to make their lives as moms a little bit easier.  That can range from, helping their baby sleep to keeping up with their fitness goals, and anything in between.  Moms are busy and don’t have time going to multiple sources to find the answers and products they need.  That is where Mom Life Exposed comes in!

With a targeted and engaged following we can reach an audience who will be directly affected by your products and will be more likely to purchase from you.  We are able to respond to questions and inquries more quickly than major accounts and have a more personal relationship with our followers.  Earning their trust is our number one priority and giving them honest feedback is how this is accomplished.

Spotlight Articles

Have a professional and uniqe article written about your business and products or service.  This article will introduce  your business on a personal level to your customers, creating a more relatable relationship.  Introduce people to a little behind the scenes action and notify them of your future plans!


Join a loop or follow account giveaway on Instagram hosted by @momlife_giveaways or host your own individual one for better exposure and an increased following!

Loop- Applicants must follow everyone in the loop to enter.  Limited to 30 accounts.

Follow Account- Applicants must follow every account that @momlife_giveaways is following.  Limited to 75 accounts.

Individual- Marketed on both Instagram and on the website for maximum exposure.


Brand Amabassador

Looking for someone to help you showcase a new product or launch your small business?  As a brand ambassador we can help you draw awareness to your business through social media.  This includes Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as being featured on appropriet Pinterest boards.

Happy Small Business Owners

-Jess, of Mom Life Exposed, is a driven mom who has set out to help other moms succeed!   She’s highly motivated and truly will bring out the best in you and your business!  I’m happy to have connected with such a fabulous mama entrepreneur!! Emily

Owner, Anchored East

Jess @momlifexpo is such an amazing person! I’m sure it was fate that I ran across her on IG. I discovered that she lived across town, so we met up to collaborate. I am overjoyed to have connected with such a hard working and driven person. She motivated me and kept me on track for our goal.  I’m so excited to grow our businesses together. Her joy and love as a mom is evident in this photo and her work! ❤️ Check out her blog and the article she wrote about my boutique at Iza

Owner, Iza Marie Bella