Summer Daze


This collection includes 4 presets designed to work in both Mobile and Desktop Lightroom CC.   3 of these presets all have bright and crisp overlays with varying color options for outdoor scenes.  They can be applied to cell phone and digital camera photographs of varying light and color quality to compliment each other and create a cohesive look.

Blue Reflection

Brown Sugar

Golden Hour

Shades of Grey


Blue Relflection is the perfect preset for photos taken outside with deep shadows. It will desaturate blues and greens creating a muted moody feel while still being bright and well lit.   

Brown Sugar is the perfect compliment for photos with earthy tones.  It brightens shadowed areas, keeps depth and contrast while desaturating greens.

The Golden Hour preset can be used for photos taken any time of day but it is perfect for ones taken just before sunset and just after sunrise.  It dramatically brightens shadows but keeps the soft glowing feel.

Shades of Grey was designed for outdoor photos you want to give that soft dreamy feel to.  It is reminiscent of days past while still feeling strong and present.