Cozy & Warm


This collection includes 4 presets designed to work in both Mobile and Desktop Lightroom.   All 4 presets have warm tones of yellow or orange which can be applied to cell phone and digital camera photographs of varying quality to create similar effects.

Candlelight- Crisp Warm Color

Firelight- Dark Warm Color

Sunlight- Soft Pale Yellow

Sunflower- Dramatic Orange



Bring on all the warm bright photos with the Candlelight preset.  This one was made specifically with warmer skin and hair tones in mind.  It keeps things bright without losing depth or contrast and doesn’t let the whites get blown out.  Candlelight can be used on indoor or outdoor photos with decent light quality.

The Firelight preset brings out deeper oranges and blacks with an overall warm tone.  If skin tones are washed out or too blue this preset can bring them back into the warmer scale just as if they were being washed over by beautiful firelight.  It is also able to be used on both indoor and outdoor photos with good light quality.

This is the brightest preset in the collection with a pale yellow overall look.  It can be used on indoor and outdoor photos you want to be soft and warm.  Low contrast, bright shadows and low black tones  with bright whites are what give this preset an overall dreamy feel.

The most dramatic option in the collect, Sunflower, has vibrant oranges and yellows, high contrast and deep shadows.  These photos will pop in both color and depth and are best used on photos with good light quality and even color tones.

The Collection