Sleeping Transitions Made Easy with the DockATot

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Featured Businesses, Featured Products, Mom Life

If you aren’t sleep deprived are you even a new mom?

When my son was 7 weeks old he slept for 7 hours straight.  I woke up in a panic, milk leaking everywhere, and feeling like a brand new person after more hours of consecutive sleep than I had had in months!  Unfortunately however, this was a freak occurrence, possibly a small growth spurt or a particularly comfortable position, who knows?  Regardless, it didn’t last and little did I know, some dark days lay ahead.

Sleep Deprivation Is Real

You cannot put a price on sleep which is something I discovered when my son was going through the three month sleep regression.  I got to a level of desperation where I would have literally bought the moon if someone told me it would help my little one sleep again!  I was doing mass amounts of research and asking everyone I knew with kids what their solutions were and and this is when we found DockATot!  With a price tag over $100 for the Deluxe and $300 for the Grande it seems like a crazy investment.  That was exactly what I thought before I was in the thick of the infant stage and being woken up to nurse ever 2 hours or less.

Just Like Magic

Probably the most useful product I bought during this time of desperation was the DockATot Deluxe.  The DockATot Deluxe was secure enough to keep my son asleep when putting him in it, but not too confining, and it would calm him down almost instantly if he was inconsolable.  The real magic trick was having him swaddled before placing him down. There was one instance I will never forget. Picture this, a typical new Mom with a screaming infant who wont eat and even being swaddled and rocked was doing little to calm him down.  Sometimes when

 you have done everything in your power and nothing helps but you are about to pull your hair out, you just need to set the baby down in a safe place and give them and yourself some space.  This was finally where we had arrived in the scenario and it was only days since we had picked up the DockATot.  I put him in it and almost like someone had pressed mute on a remote he went completely silent within seconds of setting him down, his face finally went slack and his breathing slowed to a sleeping rhythm as if he had been sleeping for hours.   Having this soft safe place to set him down in was completely invaluable, especially as we packed and moved out of our house and traveled across the country in our small camper. 

At Home or On the Go!

Most of these major life changes occurred when my son was about five months old.  The DockATot, with my five month old napping in it, was the very last piece of furniture left in our old house (actual image to the left), tucked into the darkest corner we could find since there weren’t any blinds or curtains left hanging!  It also fit perfectly between us in the queen size bed in our small camper, along with our two 90 pound German Shepherds and our two cats at our feet.  It has also come in handy in airports while traveling across the country to visit family with long layovers!  Lets just say the Deluxe was there for us when we most needed it and with the carrying/protective bag it is perfect to bring with you pretty much anywhere you go! 

Transition from Crib to Bed with the Grand

Now that my son is 19 months old and figuring out how to launch himself over the side of his crib, the DockATot Grand is making this new transition out of the crib seem a little less daunting.  I’ve set it up in the room he will be moving in to over the next few months and starting introducing it to him as a safe and welcome place to lay down throughout the day.  He has taken to it almost instantly, almost as if he remembers the Deluxe from when he was an infant. Removing the crib from the equation is going to be a hard transition but my son loves his sleep and with the DockATot Grand to keep him cozy in his new big boy bed I feel pretty good about how that transition will go!  It also makes for the most cozy little reading nook I could have ever dreamed of and fits perfectly under a playhouse teepee!

About DockATot

DockATot was developed by a Mom with the well being and safety of her own children as well as all others in mind.  The company is based out of Sweden and uses safe/breathable materials that make their products ideal to be used from birth.  The DockATot is intended to be a versatile product with many uses ranging from co-sleeping to tummy time and really whatever else you need it for!

They have also begun to expand their line with toy arch sets and transport bags.  The covers are also replaceable with new designs coming out all the time.  I like the grey chevron because it is neutral and versatile but they have so many other amazing options to choose from no matter your taste or style!