Make the Perfect Customized Holiday Card!

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Mom Life

The Holiday season is as stressful as it is joyful.  A special time to spend with family but make sure you don’t forget a gift for someone!  This worry and stress also often applies to getting those family photos taken for your holiday cards and getting them out the door!  Here are the most important aspects of creating the perfect holiday card!

  1. The perfect holiday themed photo of you and your family
  2. The perfect location for said photos
  3. The perfect service for making your holiday christmas cards
    dreams come true with Basic Invite
  4. Easy collection of everyone’s addresses and pre-addressed envelopes for free!

Easy as pie!

Hire a Professional

As far as the photos themselves go you have two options, get them taken professionally or set up a tripod and hope for the best!  If time and money allow I would highly recommend finding a local talented photographer to capture your family’s life memories.  Find a beautiful place to go and have fun with your little fam while someone else does all the hard work.

DIY Family Photos

If for some reason you do not have the time or the funds to support that then find a pretty spot in your backyard or at a park down the street.  For us it was a little of both this year and so I found a spot in the backyard that had a good backdrop and I set up a little area.  I included a fun Christmas blanket, two pillows and a small tree in a basket!  I also decorated the bush and the tree in the background with some light and ornaments.  One of the things I love about doing the photos ourselves in our backyard is the flexibility and the only time limit is when the sun goes down!  It might take a few tries but the outtakes will be fun to look at!  Once you get the perfect photo, then its time to get the perfect card!  

Basic Invite

If your like me and enjoy creating and making your card your own, not just the cookie cutter options you see a lot, then Basic Invite is the best Christmas cards of 2018. They have over 500 Christmas and Holiday card designs and are offering 30% off with holi30!  Once you pick a design that you like you can choose from over 180 colors for the font and embellishments, a large selection of fonts and 40 different colors for the envelopes.  Their foil embellishments in gold, silver and rose gold give your card that extra amazing pop, perfect for this time of year!   As long as you don’t leave your cards to the last minute like me you can even order samples of your designs so you can see them in person before placing the full order!  Perfect for the indecisive Momma will multiple cards saved (also me).

They also have invites for every event you can think of including weddings, baby showers and graduation parties plus so many more!  All of these invites also have the same options I discusses above with the Holiday cards such as color options and fonts!  So once you have your favorite photos you can head on over to Basic Invite to make the perfect card for 30% off!