The Ultimate Little Explorer Playroom

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Mom Life

“Little boys should never be sent to bed.  They always wake up a day older.”- Peter Pan

A child’s playroom is the first place they start to use their imagination and where they learn how to color.  It is the place where first memories are made, creativity is formed and their personality develops. 

Keeping this room functional while still cute and stylish and also on a budget was so much fun to create!  The theme Little Explorer came from the fact that my son has never been very intrigued by toys or cuddling but would rather explore everything he can ever since he become mobile.  Due to that, I started calling him my little explorer since he was about 10 months old and it only seemed fitting to make his room in that theme! 

I used a combination of small shops, thrift shopping and reusing some of my husbands old toys to put this room together and it will be a work in progress as he grows!  Check out below some of my favorite things I included in the room and I will also introduce you to some women and Mom owned small businesses! 


1. Clothe Indoor/Outdoor Swing

2. Teepee

3. Decor & Wall Hangings

4. Personalized Touches


Clothe Baby Swing- Scout Baby Co

That feeling of free fall the split second you hit the top of the swing before going back down is the moment that personifies childhood.  Swings were always my favorite part of the jungle gym and I would swing up as high as possible probably giving my parents heart attacks as I fully expect my son to do as well once he gets older!

Here in Phoenix it gets too hot in the summer to even touch a swing set let alone put your small child in a black plastic swing.  And being from the Northeast I know the same can be said for the winter time!  Having a swing in my son’s playroom is one of my favorite additions and he loves swinging in it all the time!

One of my favorite things about buying small is you know you are helping a Mom support her family. Cate from Scout Baby Co makes the most adorable handmade indoor and outdoor baby swings around with incredible quality a sophisticated fabrics. 

Teepee – The Playhouse Kid

The teepee is most definitely the highlight of the entire playroom, the focal point for play.  My animals are also a huge fan and I often find at least one of my cats curled up in there.  As my son gets older I expect to see him in there more and more often, using his imagination to recreate life in a Native American camp or using it as a hideout before going to rescue the princess!  I hope when he grows up he will remember all of the love  and care I put into creating spaces like this. Having a safe place for my son to create and play is so important to me and this teepee is perfect for both!

Tip Top Teepees is another small business owned by Julie who is also a Mom.  She originally started out making adorable felt playhouses with her business The Playhouse Kid and has since expanded to teepees of her own design.  The set up and breakdown cannot be any easier,  it comes fully assembled and all you have to do is literally pull the poles apart and it is all set up!  To break it down it is just the opposite and it can easily be stored, set aside or brought somewhere.


Etsy- –

Sign Decor- Webbs We Weave

When you are looking for adorable wall decor for any part of your house there are tons of options from big box stores like Target or Walmart, of course Home Goods and then you can jump on Etsy and find hundreds of small businesses.  When looking to decorate the Little Explorer playroom I wanted to use something unique but didn’t know exactly what I was looking for until I stumbled on Webbs We Weave on Etsy.  Not only were all the designs so cute and unique but the sheer quantity of options is really what sold me!  She literally has hundreds of designs to choose from which multiple stain and background options. 

Once again you guessed it, Shannon is a small business owner and also a Mom!  The shop came about as a way to fund their adoption journey and has become a full family effort!  If that isn’t the best win-win I have ever seen; get seriously adorable decor for your home while helping a family grow!



Mountain Pillow – Narkel and Norsu 

Every playroom needs some comfy pillows to cuddle up on!  Well, I have a theory that if they are shaped like a mountain and made from a military blanket they are even more comfy!  Granted military blankets aren’t know to be the softest things out there but combined with some squishy stuffing and I beg to differ!  I literally can’t imagine a more fitting item to go with the teepee and theme in general! 

Lea has combined her love of vintage textiles and the desire for a creative outlet by using them to make unique  

one of a kind pillows.  These  create such character to the room and are friendly to the Earth through the reuse of an old and forgotten blanket!



Some personalized touches would include these Mountain Shelves my husband made, the Macrame Wall hanging I made, and my husbands old Boy Scout hat, belt, scarf and patches were all added to the design!

I also used cute sheets from Walmart for $15 a set to cover up the ugly brown couch that is in the room.  It is incredibly comfortable but the color does not fit into any of my decor themes anymore so the sheets were a perfect give it a makeover!