Convertible Maxi Dress For All Occasions

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Featured Products, Mom Life

The Last Black Dress You Will Ever Have to Buy

Are you sick of buying a new dress for every special occasion, for it to just sit in the back of your closet for the rest of time?

Well I have found the dress for you!  The same exact dress can be styled in 10-15 different ways depending on the style you are going for.  And it is from one of my favorite online stores, Pink Blush!

It can be formal, casual, conservative and even a little sexy!  It comes in black, lavenderlight blue, and navy for only $72!

I have to be honest, when I first took it out of the packaging it seemed like there was enough fabric for 2 dress and I had no idea where to start! I figured out were the dress part was, slide it on and then had these two really long strips of fabric that I kept getting tangled up in!

Once I took a look at the photos on the website and started to play around with the fabric though, I got a hang of it pretty quickly.    

The Wide Strap Halter with Criss Cross Back

This style is the most versatile and classic look this dress can make.  Because this dress is completely adjustable you don’t need to wear a bra with it and you can still feel completely comfortable and supported while keeping unique and creative looks.

The Conservative Style

This look is almost like your wearing a shawl or a cover up. 

If your going to a wedding and the ceremony is in a church you can start the event out in this look and then switch it around in the bathroom for the reception 

Thin Strapped Halter and Single Twist Back

Looking for a good look to wear on a fancy date to a nice restaurant?  

If the entrees are more than $40 a piece this style should work perfectly!

Single Side Strap Front with Single Side Criss Cross Back

This is probably the sexiest style in my opinion.  There is just something about having one shoulder completely bare that is little promiscuous while also still being completely appropriate for any formal occasion. 

Peek-a-boo Front with Twisted Strap Criss Cross Back

This is an elegant option but is also unique and flattering.   This front would also work great with the single twist back from a few styles back.  That is my favorite thing about this dress, you can mix and match the front and back designs in so many different ways!

V-Neck and V-Back

This is another unique design and also classic.  You can feel comfortable in this style at a classy bar sipping martinis or nibbling on some shrimp cocktail at a shoreside restaurant.