A Unique and Personalized Anniversary Gift

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Featured Products, Mom Life, Must Haves For Mom

Remember the Special Times

This year was a tough one for my husband and I to celebrate our anniversary.  After moving across the country we were short on people to call on for a babysitter as well as short on cash.  Buying a new house seems to suck up all those extra funds you had saved up!  So while even though this was somewhat of a big year, being 5 years married and 10 years together, we weren’t able to do a whole lot.  Ordering our consistent Friday night pizza and watching a movie together after putting our son to sleep was the extent of the romance.

Gifts and Home Decor

That was why I was so happy to find Canvas Vows, a company that creates completely custom gifts of all types to hang in your home.  Anything from coordinates and printed photos with your wedding vows on them, to family name signs.   You can choose from the many designs they already have available, or you can come up with something completely custom.

Some of the more unique designs they have include your vows in sound waves, sheet music from special songs and American flags.  Know someone who recently got married or bought a new house, there are options for both of those occasions and so much more.

The pricing is also very reasonable, with the one pictured starting out at $75 for matte paper and $115 for canvas.

The canvas was incredibly easy to hang up since it already has a hook installed on the back.  As easy as putting a nail in the wall and hanging it up!

Personalized Night Sky

Is there anything much more romantic than the night sky?  What about the night sky on one of the most romantic nights of your life, say your wedding night?  This beautiful and incredibly well made Custom Star Map reflects the night sky on the very night I married my best friend on June 15th 2013.  

It also seemed incredibly appropriate to hang it over our bed, the place where we sleep together at night.  

Being able to look up at this beautiful piece of artwork that contains so many special pieces of our life together always makes me smile now before closing my eyes every night.

The Perfect Personal Touch

Around the night sky are the lyrics from the first song we danced to as husband and wife.  I still remember the dips and spins we practiced to the music the night before the wedding in the basement of his parents house and the cheers and catcalls we received during the dance itself from our family and friends.  As I looked up the lyrics to “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz I realized I didn’t remember them as well as I thought I did and they were more perfect than I could have imagined to include on this particular personalized canvas. 

“And just like them old stars, I see that you’ve come so far, To be right where you are”

Down To The Details

Below the constellation map are our names, the coordinates we got married at and the date of our anniversary.  I cannot picture a better way to remember our special day and to commemorate it 5 years later! 

The quality is fantastic, the turnaround was super fast and the customer service was great!  Plus the selection is incredible and they were so great to work with to include all the special little details.

So if your looking for something unique and personalized to give to someone for a special occasion Canvas Vows is a great option to check out! Even my 15 month old was a fan!

“Cause even the stars they burn, Some even fall to the earth”