Whiten Teeth From the Comfort of Home, Even If They Are Sensitive!

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You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

Just like almost everyone else, I wish I had a whiter smile which is why I have bought whitening tooth paste consistently for the past few years.  Don’t lie, you know you have too!   I have also tried a handful of different whitening options until my teeth got too sensitive to keep up with them. 

To the surprise of many, I actually made it all the way through graduate school without picking up the coffee drinking habit. It wasn’t until I started my first big girl job that required me to show up at 5:30 am that I took my first taste of the magical java. 

Now, as a Mom I need that coffee more than ever since waking up at 5:30 is a dream compared to the 2 am wakeup calls I get now.  It is literally the 

very first thing I do every morning, turn on the coffee pot and consume it as soon as it’s cool enough!  I know I am not the only one with this morning routine.  This is the epitome of #momlife! 

Another, damaging habit I picked up since becoming a real-life adult is red wine, another hostile agent towards those pearly whites.  But do not fear, for there is a solution that allows you to keep drinking all the coffee to keep up with the kiddos and all the wine to unwind at night! 

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At-Home Teeth Whitening Option

How nice would it be to have a customized set of impressions made from the comfort of your home that will allow you to whiten your teeth easily while getting all the things done around your house?  Or while binge watching Netflix?  What if I told you I was whitening my teeth right now as I write this article?

Well, guess what, that is where Smile Brilliant comes in!  This company has taken the concept and made it as simple and effective as possible while also making it affordable.  Since partnering with this company I have been continuously impressed by the quality and service they have provided.  This is no second rate product with mediocre results, which I started to see after just 3 applications! 

This biggest game changer for me is the Desensitizing Gel.  I have never been able to stick with whitening systems in the past because the pain sensitivity was always too much to bear before I was able to get the results I was hoping for.  With Smile Brilliant they fixed that problem with one extra step and I swear its almost like magic!

Breaking the Mold

Let’s be honest, the whitening kits you can by at the store just don’t cut it.  The strips either wont stay in place or the mouth guard doesn’t fit well.  This is one of the biggest differences you will get with this company.

When you receive your Smile Brilliant kit in the mail it will come with two trays you will use to create your impressions.  It will come with the material to make them and allow you 3 tries to get the 2 molds right.

Make sure to follow the specific directions that are provided for this step because it is time sensitive but not difficult. 


When my custom-fitted trays came back in about 7 days I was incredibly impressed with their quality!  They are even comfortable enough to have on for an hour or two.

The results I saw after using them consistently for a few weeks was amazing! The yellow tint was almost completely gone and I love the confidence it has given me in my smile!

Lesson Learned: I found after my first few applications that less is more when it came to the whitening gel.  Originally I was globbing in a whole bunch of it, which was seeping out

of the impressions onto my gums.  This caused some pretty bad irritation to the point of pain and bleeding whenever I tried to whiten.  After giving them a few days to recover I tried again, this time with less gel but applying it more specifically.  This allowed for full coverage of the teeth but less to almost no irritation to the gums.  I also applied a tiny bit of the desensitizing gel to my gums prior to putting the impressions in which also seemed to help.

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Before Photos

After Photos

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