Clean the House with a Mobile Baby Without Complete Chaos

by | May 18, 2018 | Mom Life

The greatest legacy you can leave your children are happy memories 

After my son was born, cleaning the house and picking up fell to the wayside and was put on my back burner list.  I am already not a huge fan of doing 99% of the cleaning chores that tend to hang out on my To-Do list and when he was in that newborn just wanted to nurse and cuddle phase I was more than happy to oblige him!  My husband helped pick up some of the slack but many things that drive me nuts don’t even phase him which means there were many things left undone.  Looking back however, I am glad I took the time to focus on my son instead of doing a load of laundry, vacuuming or doing the dishes.  Those will be the memories I remember and cherish, not folding yet anther load of my husbands inside out socks or baby poop stained onesies (although there are a few memorable blowouts!).

As he has grown and now becomes mobile, cleaning is pushed back up to the front if my mind as his white onesies turned brown during the scooting phase and now that his is up and walking the bottoms of his feet tend to look like a hobbit’s with so much dog hair stuck to them!  With two dogs and two cats that hair builds up incredibly fast, like on the reg.  You might be a little surprised to hear that I actually do most of my cleaning and chores around the house while my son is up rather than during nap time.  Sure some things are not done quite as efficiently but I try to make it fun and include him in the tasks as much as possible.  The piles of laundry that need to be folded are small squishy jungle gyms and the vacuum is a play mate to chase around.  Curious how I can be productive with a mobile baby running around?


I love my Bona Floor Cleaner for my ceramic floor especially because the Stone, Floor & Laminate cleaner is non-toxic and safe to use around my baby and on the floors that he crawls around on.  And at times face plants on!  The only prerequisite is that I have to sweep up all the dirt and crumbs while my son is sleeping otherwise he tries to eat stuff out of the pile! Now even though these photos show some seriously beautiful hardwood floors those are not my floors, unfortunately.  My point is however, that the Bona Mop can also be used on hardwood floors and does an amazing job!


This was something I was a little hesitant to do after hearing about noise levels and and decibels but I only have a small area rug and it only takes about 5 minutes.  Plus my son loves playing with the chord and chasing around the vacuum which not only makes it kind of fun but its also productive! As a Type A personality I love efficiency.


This is probably the least efficient task on this list due to the fact that my son loves to grab the already folded clothes and throw them.  This means I generally tend to fold each article of clothing about 3 times each and don’t actually finish with all the folding until after my son goes down for a nap.  For some reason folding laundry is probably my favorite task to do around the house which probably sounds weird to many of you but hey it is what it is!

Dog Poop Clean-Up

Gross right?! Well, the only thing that could be more gross than picking up dog poop 

would be cleaning up dog poop off my one year old!  Thank god that hasn’t happened yet!  As my little man learns what grass is and tries to decide whether or not he likes it, I run around the yard and pick up the dog poop as quickly as possible!  Fresh air and clean grass at once!  

My system isn’t perfect but it works for me and I’m no super Mom.  Which means you can just as easily find something that works well for you!