Travel Photography Tips with a Baby

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Mom Life, Travel

“Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs”

I recently read an article by Chase Rubin called 10 Ideas for Better Travel Photography and it has inspired me again to get back on the road and try new things. While I won’t be leaving on a jet plane anytime soon to become a professional traveling photographer (although that was my dream at one point in my life), I’m just a mom with her camera living in a beautiful world with her beautiful family.

I have always loved photography, particularly landscapes and unique scenery, which means whenever I travel I usually tend to take hundreds of photos.  I often “see” in snapshots as we drive down the road, fighting the urge to ask my husband to pull over every 2 minutes!  Since having a baby I still bring my camera with me but sometimes it now has to take a back seat to the baby and his needs.  That doesn’t mean I can’t still find ways to get amazing shots using new strategies and techniques.  

Have a Reliable Camera

I recently picked up a new camera because my old  one was, well old, and capturing my son’s life and our family moments falls towards the top of my priority list.  I got a Canon EOS Rebel T6 for an incredibly reasonable price and it even came with a whole bunch of accessories to play around with! While it’s not the top of the line, it still takes some pretty amazing shots, has a fairly small learning curve if you are familiar with digital SLR cameras and it wont break the bank! If your not familiar with them, here is a great place to start. It’s perfect for a Mom like me looking to get good quality photos of her little one on our family adventures!

Adjust Your Focus

My husband and I now have a new little traveler with us, but all that means is I have an adorable subject to include in my photos. In the past there was almost never anyone in my photos unless it was a selfie of the two of us!  However, these will be the images we look back on more than the landscape and scenery photos because remembering us in the place is more special than just the place itself.   One of the tips Chase Rubin gives for getting better travel photography shots is to change the focus onto subjects other than the one you typically would expect.  I love this concept and can’t wait for our next family outing to give it a shot!  This article from National Geographic also discusses how to refocus behind the camera and get unique photographs while traveling.  As my once dream job, I love to refer to articles from National Geographic, especially since their photographers are so darn talented- a girl can only dream!

Take Advantage of Extra Hands

This is something that can sometimes be hard for new moms, unless your the type of new mom who likes to take advantage of getting a break, like me!  Your babies will still love you even if you let someone else hold them sometimes, I promise.  And you will still be considered a good mom even if you take a break and enjoy that break!  So, this is the time I use to grab the camera out of the diaper bag and work on my skills.  Can I get a good sun glare or can I get a different angle? These are some other great tips for improving your travel photography.  Take in what is around you and try to enjoy every second of it!

Get In The Shot

As the keeper of the camera it can be so easy to get home from a day out with the family and realize you never once got a photo of yourself.  When your children look back on the photos from their childhood the ones they will love the most are the ones with us in them.  Sure they will probably laugh at the style of our clothes or our hair but if it wasn’t from a good angle or if you were carrying around a few extra pounds at the time it wont matter. Seeing the love and joy on everyone’s faces will be the most important part!  They are only little for so long, and we live in a time where the digital age makes it so easy for us to take 100’s of photos and go through them later to find the good ones.  So take out the camera, and get to clickin’ mama!

This post was sponsored by Chase Rubin, a photographer and travel enthusiast, however all opinions and recommendations are my own.  I only write posts that I believe my readers will enjoy and recomend products that I truly trust and love!