5 Swaddles Kid Tested Mother Approved

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Review of 5 Swaddle and Sleep Sacks by a Mom Who Knows

I tried almost every swaddle, sleepsack and sleepsuit I could find. Here’s the ones that worked for us and the ones that didn’t. Sometimes, no matter what you do your baby will just not settle down but these are some products that can help makes those days fewer and further between!

SwaddleMe Peapod

This is the first one we tried. Once he was zipped up he literally looked like a peapod. The material was very light. We keep our room around 70 degrees, he wore a light sleeper under it and was happy. For the first couple weeks this worked great. I found that he quickly grew out of it. Once he did we moved onto the next size up, which was the swaddleme original swaddle. I think this one would be really great for tiny newborns or premies.

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SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

            We were very happy with this one also. Being summer we got the lighter material, but they do make it in a heavier material for winter. This one velcroed together, which I really liked because you could control how tight it was, an option you didn’t have with the peapod. This one lasted us until he was about two months old. At this point he started to wiggle his arms out. Which did help us figure out that he wanted his hands out to sooth himself.

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HALO Sleepsack      

      I only had two of the Swaddleme originals; and I refused to buy more since he was just going to out grow them in what seemed like a week anyways. So when both of those were dirty or I couldn’t’ find it in the chaos we had a HALO sleep sack as a backup. This was basically the same idea it just had holes for his arms. Kind of like a pair of overalls. We then had the option to swaddle his arms in or keep them out and close the swaddle around his midsection. This was the swaddle they recommended to me in the hospital. The nurse told me they would be switching to this instead of swaddling newborns in receiving blankets within the year. I think I liked the Swaddleme brand better just because of the material we got it in. The HALO we had was 100% cotton, so in July when we were using it, I was nervous about Major getting to warm.

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The Merlin’s Magic SleepSuit

This sleepsuit was supposed to be perfect for transitioning from the swaddle. We put Major in this around the 3 ½ – 4-month mark, when he started showing signs he could roll over. It’s a suit that zips up and it looks absolutely hilarious. I was worried about him getting to warm, so he only wore a tee shirt under it. At this point Major was having a terrible time sleeping, regardless of what we did. He usually started off in his own crib in this sleep suit, when I moved him to my bed to nurse I’d take it off, because lets be honest when he came into my bed he stayed there. We didn’t see any change in his sleeping, but I also think we have a ridiculously stubborn baby because based off the reviews this has been a god send to so many sleep deprived parents. We gave it about 2 weeks and after that it got packed away with all the newborn clothes.

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The Nested Bean Zen Sack

            I had really high hopes for this one too. It went on like a pair of overalls, and then zipped up the side. It had a weighted beanie pad on the front to mimic mommy or daddy’s touch. It could also be put on backwards for belly sleepers. We thought this would be great because Major was relying on us so much to fall and stay asleep. He was apparently smarter than that because as soon as I laid him down and slowly took my hand off his chest he woke right up, and ended up right back in my bed, out of the sleepsack. Honestly I didn’t use this one for long at all, maybe a week. I was so frustrated and sleep deprived at this point that we just started putting Major in bed with us from the start. I did like the material the one we had was 100% cotton and being fall I wasn’t worried about him over heating. I really liked that it was longer, I felt like he had lots of legroom.

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Goodnight Sleep Tight

            When we started the sleep training process around 6 months we decided not to have Major in anything but a sleeper. Now that it’s February in upstate N.Y. we try to keep his room at 70 degrees. There was a few nights where it hit 30 below and we put a long sleeved tee shirt on under his sleeper just for an extra layer and  we switched to a flannel crib sheet. Major seems to be very comfortable now; he is sleeping through the nights, most of the time, and he wakes up a super happy little boy!

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