Postpartum Weight Loss: How I Lost 10 Pounds in One Month

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I know what your probably thinking, losing weight that fast isn’t healthy.  Everything we have always heard is that we should be losing no more than 3 pounds a month.  What if that is what the big weight loss companies what us to think so that we will continue to pay for their services and buy their premade food?  As far as my experience, the truth is I never starved myself or ate gross ‘diet’ foods.  I ate a healthy amount of fruits, veggies and meats but I cut out the foods with high carb counts.  Even some of the foods I had always considered to be healthy could have alot of carbs in them and eaten in high quantities may not be doing you any favors as far as weight loss goes.

So whether you just had a baby or you are carrying around a food baby, I’ve been there and completely understand.  I can relate and I also knew I needed to make a change.  I put alot of work into figuring out a system that would actually work based off actual science and knowing what hadn’t already worked for me in the past.  Once I got the amazing results that I did I felt I needed to share these ideas with other women which is why I put together a step by step online course that walks you through exactly how I lost almost 30 pounds and weigh 8 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight!

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The Foundation

So, my pregnancy was pretty good as far as weight gain.  In fact, up until about 6 months in I was concerned I wasn’t gaining enough weight.  In the end, I gained 30 pounds, topping off around a solid 165.  But it sat pretty well on me. I constantly got the “You are all belly” comments which, don’t get me wrong made me feel great but they weren’t entirely true.  Aside from the obvious weight gain location (my belly), I had also gained an enormous amount in my butt and upper thighs.  The nice thing about these places is if you wear the correct clothing (thank you black leggings) it can be pretty easy to hide to the casual observer.  My face didn’t fill out till the very end and even my arms weren’t horrible.  Prior to becoming pregnant I had been a habitual gym rat and was pretty much the most fit I had been in my adult life.  But with a first trimester that knocked me on my ass I completely lost all of my drive to do anything active.  However, I continued to keep a diet full of comfort food like cookies, ice cream and lunchables.

Slowly, over the course of my 9 month pregnancy and 3 months postpartum, much of my muscle that I had worked so hard to gain over the past few years had turned to fat and the cellulite pockets began to build up.  After giving birth to my son I jumped on the scale and was so excited to see I had lost 13 pounds already!  But with my hormones all out of wack and probably suffering from a mild form of postpartum anxiety as I adjusted to this 

new role in my life, I consumed copious amounts of Oreo Cookies, freshly made soft ice cream, crepes and wine (yes wine, when appropriate) for the first few months after giving birth.  As summer hit and it was getting to be too hot for leggings anymore I realized almost none of the shorts I owned fit.  So I hit the store to find a few pairs I could wear, only to my horror to discover I was only fitting in ones that were 4 sizes bigger than my normal size! I was able to convince myself for a while that I had just had a baby and should cut myself some slack. But it was once the numbers on the scale started to go back up that I knew I had to make some serious adjustments!

The Keto Inspired LifeStyle

When my son was 2 months old my husband had to go away to do 4 weeks of military training.  It wasn’t ideal but it was better than the alternative which would have put him away during my due date.  Well, while he was away he learned about a diet called the Keto diet and lost 20 pounds in a month, basically all of his (sympathy) baby weight.  This type of diet entails you to almost entirely cutting out sugars and carbs and consume a ton more fat that normal.  There is a very scientific explanation for why this causes you to actually lose weight instead of gain but that is what google is for (or your doctor).  So around 4 months postpartum I went on what I have now coined the Keto Inspired LifeStyle.  Since I was still breastfeeding I knew I would still need some carbs for the nutrients and energy it supplies but by simply cutting my carb/sugar intake (and cookie intake) to under 40 grams a day I lost 13 pounds!  This involved absolutely .  Then we sold our house, purchased one sight-unseen on the other side of the country and had to do a 3,000 mile cross-country road trip with two cats, two dogs and a 5 month old and the diet plan went out the window.

After settling in to our new house and getting through the holidays my husband and I decided to give the Keto ‘Light’ diet another shot.  Well once again the results were very similar, on January 1st I weighed 144 pounds and by February 1st I was at 134 pounds.  Ten pounds in a month this time, with another inch or two coming off from almost everywhere.  While yes this time around I had also been in training for a half marathon which includes running about 20 miles a week.  However, you would be surprised at how few calories your body burns during a consistent paced run.  You will burn much more in a HIIT workout or speed training workout.  I have never fully gone into what is called Ketosis, where your body learns to burn fat for energy rather than carbs but my simply limiting my carb intake I have had great success.  This also includes me never having to starve myself.  Literally, if I get hungry throughout the day I just eat something on the approved list.  I don’t portion control or eat specific things at specific times or limit the amount of food I consume.

So What Can You Eat?

I’m sure you have been wondering to yourself, what exactly can you eat on this type of diet?  Well, let me tell you.

  • Meat (Chicken, Steak, Burgers, Pork, Bacon, Fish and pretty much any other meat)
  • Butter (For flavor on whatever you want!)
  • Eggs (Omelets, Keto bagels)
  • Vegetables (Salad, green beans, onions, raw carrots, broccoli…be careful some veggies have a lot of carbs!)
  • Berries (Limited amount)
  • Whipped Cream (On top of above berries)
  • Coke Zero (Not recommended for true Keto)
  • Cheese (Allllll the cheese)
  • Sugar Free Jello and Pudding!
  • Protein Powder and BCAAs (Great for working out and muscle recover!- Click Here And use the codeIDEALSUPPLEMENTS20 To Get 20% Off your order of the same supplements I used from IdealLean)

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There are a ton of recipes you can find online if you just type in keto diet or keto recipes into google, that is not what this article is intended to be.  Instead it is to show you that you too can lose the baby weight that is making you not quite feel like yourself anymore or feel self conscious.  You can be like I was at first and keep making excuses for yourself or you can make a few pretty simple changes and see a huge difference very quickly! I have begun to feel confident again now that I can fit back into the majority of my clothes.  While I still have a ways to go until I am completely happy I am so glad I made the changes I did when I did.

If you want to learn first hand how I did it, get all the trackers I used and have access to great recipes and shopping lists, you can check out my online course I put together to help women get the same results I did!

Disclaimer:  I do not claim to be an expert on the Ketogenic Diet and the Ketogenic Diet may or may not be safe for women who are pregnant or nursing.  Please, please, please always check with a healthcare professional before making weight loss related decisions rather than taking the word of an internet “expert” at face value! This is simply my story and one I hope you can learn from and apply in a safe and reasonable manner.