Pretty in Pastel


This collection includes 4 presets designed to work in both Mobile and Desktop Lightroom.   All 4 presets have bright and airy overlays which can be applied to cell phone and digital camera photographs of varying quality to create similar effects.

Feather- Soft Neutral Color

Memory- Crisp Warm Color

Daydream- Soft Pale Color

Snowfall- Crisp Cool Color




Feather is the perfect preset for photos taken outside with deep shadows and overall dark tones.  It will lighten shadows, create an cohesive soft and neutral color with bright whites and desaturated greens.

If your like me and take hundreds of photos in your home of your littles than the Memory preset might be perfect for you!  It counteracts the warmth we tend to get in photos taken indoors due to the artificial lighting and it brings out the shadows making the whole photo brighter without losing detail!

Daydream is the softest preset in the collection creating a light and airy feel to photos with neutral color tones and darker light quality.  Bright whites, lightened shadows and pale pastel colors are all that make the Daydream preset so dreamy.

Snowfall is the coolest and most crisp preset in the Pretty in Pastel Collection helping balance out very warm and very dark photos.  It will give your photo cool blue tones with bright whites and high exposure.

The Collection