Hospital Bag Packing as a Second Time Mom

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Mom Life

I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator which means when the 5th hour of contractions began, at 36 weeks and 4 days, and I finally called labor and delivery to find out what I should do, I also walked upstairs to start packing my hospital bag!  Finding a bag that can work functionally with two young kids and let me keep my style is the ultimate win-win!  No matter your taste in color, size or style you can find a bag from Lily Jade that can fulfill both function and style.  And obviously it was also the bag I wanted to bring with me the hospital since it can fit just about everything but the kitchen sink!

For my first pregnancy I did most of my laboring at home and didn’t make it into the hospital until I was in full active labor.  I honestly don’t remember much after arriving at the hospital, and even before the epidural I wasn’t physically able to stand from the pain so I was in the bed until Liam arrived.  This means I wasn’t using much from my hospital bag anyway.  For recovery I wore the hospital gown and ugly socks they gave me and the only personal items I used were my toiletries and Liam’s going home outfit!  

1. Diaper Bag

Not to state the obvious but the first thing you need is a bag to put everything in.  The Lily Jade bags are perfect not only as diaper bags but as an everyday bag or even a hospital bag! The organizers they come with let you keep everything organized inside the bag and can be quickly pulled out for easy access.  The quality of the leather is impeccable and the option for either a backpack or side bag is so convenient!

2. Toiletries

If you bring nothing else with you make sure you bring the things the hospital cannot replace! For me that is my contacts, glasses and chapstick!  The rest is just a nice comfort when you are in pain and just want to use your own toothbrush and smell like your usual shampoo/conditioner. 

2. Breastfeeding Items

Breastfeeding did not come easily to me the first time around or the second.  With Liam, we struggled for the first 2 months and then suddenly a switch got turned and everything went more smoothly after that.   While in the hospital we never really got the latch figured out, I was so sore and I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, because I didn’t.  I did most of his feeding from a spoon full of expressed colostrum and ended up needing to use a nipple shield.  With Luke, the situation ended up being fairly similar but there are still a few items that are good to have on hand regardless of how your journey begins.

-Nursing pads

-Nipple Cream

-Nursing Bras/Tanktop

-Nursing Gown

 3. Personal Clothes

Just in case I ended up spending more time at the hospital than I did the first time around or just want to get out of the robe that shows my butt to everyone I did bring a few personal items of clothing.  I chose to use the hospital gown for delivery since I had an epidural in my birth plan and plus there is no need to get all the messy stuff on something I own.  Once I was transferred to a recovery room however, I changed into a loose black nursing dress and soft nursing bra.  This allowed easy access for bathroom breaks and easy access for the baby to his food source but let me be nice and comfortable.   

 4. Baby Items

The hospital will definitely supply you with the standard pink and blue striped swaddle blankets, diapers and possibly one or two articles of clothing.  The only thing we brought for our first son was his going home outfit.  This time we also brought one other outfit for the duration of his stay.  Since it is typically a little chilly in hospitals I brought him a long sleeve onesie and pants.  I also brought a swaddle with the velcro to make it easier for us as sleep deprived parents again to keep him comfy.  

Depending on how far you live away from the hosptial and how long you end up staying will also determine how many things and what type of things you will need to bring.  Typically the hosptial will supply alot of the postpartum personal care items and since your health insurance is paying for all of it you might as well use it!  If you are still in the market for a diaper bag go over to to find the perfect color and style to fit your motherhood.