4 Tips on How to Find Balance as a Work at Home Mom

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Mom Life

As I sat in the waiting room at my son’s speech therapy office while he was in with his counselor, I witnessed an interesting scene and one I realized I had also been a part of before.  A little girl, around the age of 1, was starting to throw her toys and smack at her Mom who had barely looked up from her cell phone since her older child had gone into her appointment.  I obviously don’t know what she was doing on it, maybe she was texting a friend who needed a shoulder or maybe she was working on something for her job.  If I had to guess though, I would venture that she was probably scrolling through one of the many social media feed options we all have at our fingertips.  And if I’m being honest, I have been that Mom, probably on more than one occasion at that.  Not that I am proud of it, but it is definitely something I have done, and I bet you have too.

So many women have taken on side hustles and have found options to work from home while also taking care of their children.  It’s one of the amazing things about social media and computers but can also be a burden and cause struggles.  Finding the time to unplug and be present in your life is just as important to teach your children as hard work and determination.  Especially in this day and age where technology is intertwined in so many aspects of our lives.  I literally have a large computer screen on the front of my refrigerator that tells me things like the time and weather when I go to grab a snack!  As a work at home Mom for over a year now, I have found a few tips that help me find balance in this life I never thought I would have but wouldn’t trade for anything.

1. Set a Schedule and Stick to It

When my husband gets home from work, unless I have a major deadline, I put down my phone, close my computer and we spend time together, even if our son is still napping.  When he wakes up, we do something together as a family, even if that is just a walk around the block after dinner.  After the kiddo goes to bed, I usually spend some time working while my husband decompresses from his day.  Before I got pregnant, I would also wake up early and get some work done before my son woke up for the day.  On the weekends I try not to spend more than an hour or two on anything work related.  Everyone’s family schedule is going to look a little different but finding one that works for you and yours is the biggest step towards finding balance.

 2. Take a Vacation

Not just a virtual one but a pack your bags and go somewhere other than your home type of vacation.  Whether that means a girl’s weekend, a weeklong family vacation to the beach or a night in a hotel just for you to relax and unwind.  Vacations obviously cost money but what is the point in working your butt off the way you do without taking the time to enjoy the benefits of that hard work?  This is also a great time to reflect on the things you are grateful for in your life before jumping back into the crazy day to day schedule of your daily life.

3.  Set Aside Time for Self Care

As a Mom it is so easy to lose sight of yourself and your needs when you are constantly being pulled in multiple directions for the needs of others.  I know sometimes this can be easier said than done but setting aside time for yourself is not just good for you but also for everyone else in your life.  If your budget allows, schedule yourself a monthly or bi-weekly massage or facial.  If at home self-care is more your style, set aside a night to draw yourself a bath while Dad puts the kids to bed, put on your favorite face mask and do something you enjoy (eg: listen to a podcast, read a book or watch the trashy TV show)! 

4. Find Your Tribe

No one is perfect and some days you might feel like you let your kids or yourself down.  Whether you snapped at one of them for asking for their 5th snack of the day or you didn’t finish a project before a deadline, sometimes we all have bad days.   Having a group of people who can relate to what you are going through and can pick you up when you’re down is so important.  I have met so many other moms through my social media job who can relate to the time consuming or stressful moments and sometimes just knowing others understand can make it a little easier to handle.  We are all working to help support our families and us work at home moms need to stick together! 

These tips are something that almost anyone can apply to their life to find balance, gratitude, and down time.  Stepping away and unplugging from some of the aspects of our lives that cause us stress, whether that be work, school or something else is healthy for yourself and those around.  This is why Well Being Trust is committed to furthering the way people view mental, social and spiritual health for everyone.  As a community we can promote well being for all and normalize mental health through social dialogue to create a new way forward. 

“Well Being Trust was created to advance clinical, community and cultural change…to transform the health of the nation and improve well-being for everyone.”

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