5 Ways to Get Through a Military Separation

by | May 16, 2019 | Mom Life

When we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever- Winnie the Pooh

No matter the length of a separation for military deployments, training sessions or TDY’s it is never easy.  The majority of my personal experience has been pre-children but even since my son was born all of these are still useful and perfectly valid options for getting through the lonely days and long nights.  I have been on both ends of a military separation and I can say most of these tips are useful for both parties and can truly help make the time feel like it goes by a little bit faster.  Comment below with any other ideas that have worked for you!

1. Start a new hobby

This can range from planting a garden to picking up photography or training for a marathon!  Really anything that keeps your head and hands busy to take your mind off of your significant other not being home.  With kids, your downtime will most likely be much more limited but make sure to always include a little bit of time for yourself even if that means some late nights or a few extra minutes in the bathtub!

2. Start a new tv show, or a few (aka netflix binge)

I have done this as the person at home as well as the person away.  New TV shows, that don’t remind you of your partner, but are entertaining for you will be sure to take your mind off of how much longer until they come home!  Depending on the length of the show series and the separation you might need to pick a few new shows.  I can safely say there is nothing wrong with wasting a few hours on the couch losing yourself in a fictional world to forget about the real one!

3. Create a Set Schedule for Phone Calls/Video Chats

Communicating with your loved one is probably the time you look forward to the most throughout your day.  I have always found that having a specific time to look forward to helps make the days go by faster since you aren’t constantly checking your phone or staring at it waiting and wondering when you might hear from them.  There will obviously be days where this might not work out but if the majority of them are pre-planned this is key, especially when kids are involved.  In today’s day and age, being able to communicate with military spouses, even from across the world, is considered normal and such a blessing.  Making sure you have a reliable source of communication with an affordable and reliable network is so important.  Verizon offers some amazing deals and discounts for military members and their families that -click here to find a plan for your military family!

4. Spend time with friends and family

There is absolutely no shame in leaning on your support system when your other half is away.  Asking for help does not make you weak or a less capable provider for your children.  Knowing when you need a break or help from someone who cares about you means you are aware and willing to do what is necessary.  Try not to shy away from family functions or getting together with couple friends just because you are solo, all separations must come to an end at some point and you will be glad you didn’t lock yourself away from all the things that happened while they were gone.

5. go on a trip

If time and budget allow, try to take a trip to someplace new.  Day trip, long weekend or a week long, whichever works for you!  It’s always hard creating memories without your partner but at the same time this is important for self growth and discovery which makes each separation a little easier than the next.  When you know you are capable of doing something like this by yourself you know you can make it through the rest of the separation no matter what!

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