Celebrating Toddler- Friendly Easter Traditions with Polaroid

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Mom Life

Easter always brings to mind sunshine, birds singing, flowers and fun pastel colors. Since our first born is now old enough to participate in activities, my husband and I wanted to start some of our own family traditions to celebrate spring and Easter time! Some of the more traditional activities are actually very toddler-friendly, while others may take a few more years to really catch on. An egg hunt, Easter-themed crafts and baking were at the top of the best activities we attempted with our almost 2-year-old while dyeing eggs was the least successful—and messiest—by far.

After our Polaroid Mint instant digital pocket printer arrived I knew it would be perfect for keeping a printed copy of these beautiful memories! I couldn’t even take a guess at how many photos I have taken of my son since he was born, but I can tell you very few of those photos have ever existed outside of my phone. That is the beauty of the Polaroid Mint pocket printer – you can print photos directly from your iPhone or Android via Bluetooth and voilà, you have those beautiful memories in the palm of your hand in just seconds.  

Egg hunt

This was by and far the biggest hit of all the activities!  My very active 2 year old boy loved running around the backyard looking for candy and toy filled plastic eggs!  He learned very quickly by shaking them which ones had the candy inside and which ones didn’t!  For the candy I used the softest jelly beans I could find which allowed him to eat them quickly before taking off for the next one!  For the toys I actually just used ones he already had that fit in the eggs!  He is too young to understand and the toys were a big hit all over again! He even carried his own basket around for part of the time which was adorable and he was definitely  a little sad when it was all over!

Easter Crafts

My son had a great time doing some coloring and stamping on Easter themed coloring pages.  I did a quick google search and printed off two cute designs and set him up at our kitchen table with a dollar store plastic table cloth.  This would have a dual purpose for the egg dyeing later in the day as well. The extra washable markers have already been a favorite in the past and the stamps took a little while to get figured out.  His first Easter “coloring” page is currently hanging on the fridge!


We regretted this one a little later in the evening but at the time it was a big hit!  I pre-cut a few bunny shaped cookies and put some fun spring colored sprinkles in small containers for him to decorate the cookies with.  We spent part of the time throwing the sprinkles onto the cookies the rest of the time licking the crystalized sugar off our fingers!  I also mixed up some cupcake batter, which was something he was able to help me with a bit but he was mostly into licking the raw batter off the spoon.  Which I can’t blame him! As you would expect, he also loved the eating part of cupcakes with frosting!

Easter Basket

Candy is an obvious choice but also something I wanted to limit.  Other toddler friendly items I included in his basket were bubbles (always a big hit), a multi-colored xylophone, soft sports balls (he’s a boy so of course), a water toy and some stickers.  He very carefully carried the basket around for a while until the moment when all of the paper grass got dumped all over the living room floor!

Planting Flowers or Garden

This was a little bit of a challenge with a destructive boy toddler but we have been teaching him to be gentle with the plants and showing him how to care for them.  It has been very interesting to see him watch in wonder and take an interest in the fresh strawberries and tomatoes growing.  As he gets older we will continue to teach him about the importance of plant care and knowing where our food comes from!

Dyeing Eggs

This activity is probably best to hold off until later years considering the mess that the dye can make.  We set it up on the same plastic table cloth we had used for the crafts but kept them a distance from him so he couldn’t get his little fingers in them.  Once he saw but couldn’t touch them was when the fit started and never got much better until the eggs and dye were taken away.  I ended up being the one spilling the dye all over the table which of course leaked through a small hole in the table cloth, so all in all I would say it was a fail! Possibly pre-dyeing and then letting them paint the eggs instead might have been a better option.

Family Memories with the Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer!

Family holiday’s are definitely getting a little more special as our small family grows and being able to have the photos printed on the spot is so cool!  When you download the Polaroid Mint app for iOS and Android on your phone and connect it to your printer you can also make changes and edits to your photos before pressing print.  They have fun borders and stickers you can add plus any custom text you want!  I had so much fun playing around with these features to make some Easter-themed prints and they looked amazing in my letter board photo I’ll be sharing with you all for Easter on my Instagram!!  You can also check out my feature on the Polaroid Blog here!!